An Introduction

The first entry on a blog is monumental. It determines who you are, what you are here to tell people, and why you’re here to do it. There’s not a lot you need to know about me, but in time you will learn my stories, hardships, opinions, and everything in between. I’ll hope you’ll all stay along for the ride. 

I’ve always wanted to share my thoughts and words with people. I’ve always had something to say, but didn’t know how to say it. So here I am, writing an introduction to a brand new blog. It’s exciting to try new things, but I’m also a bit nervous. 

Tune in for a little bit of everything. From stories about my past, to any crazy dreams I might have, advice I have to share, and little tidbits I can use to make someone happy. It’ll be fun, so welcome to Willow for a Living. I’m happy to have you. 

A peek into my life: a photo of me, my mom, and my two sisters at the St. Louis Zoo. Many more insights to come.


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